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Imperative to crack down on pyramid scams
Posted: Company Search Time: 2018-08-18 13:11 Viewed: 0

THE STATE ADMINISTRATION FOR MARKET REGULATION recently announced that it had drawn up a list of 11 key cities that should take action against pyramid selling, and it will monitor their performance in this regard in 2018. Thepaper.cn comments:

Pyramid scams do great harm. In a pyramid scheme the participants can only make money by recruiting more members. It is an illegal activity that can cause huge losses to those that are duped into taking part.

Moreover, pyramid selling poses a threat to social order and morality because the majority of participants cheat their friends and family members. Worse, over the past years, increasingly more pyramid selling organizations have been reportedly using "persuasion", and there were several deaths as well as suicides related to pyramid selling in 2016 and 2017. Reported by China Daily