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When was China Company Search established?
China Company Search was established in 1993.

Where does the data come from?
All data contained in the reports is sourced from the Administration for Industry and Commerce of each province.

Is the data in the reports up-to-date?

By law any change in the company has to be updated otherwise penalty will apply.

If a company isn't registered, can I get refund?
In this case, you will get 80% refund of fees paid, the 20% is covering bank's fee and time consumed.

Will the Chinese company know they've been checked?
A. No, as we don't need to get any consent from the company we searched.

Is English official language in Chinese registries? 
No, only Chinese but we translate for you.

I don't know any Chinese how can I send the Chinese company name to you?
Simply scan or take a photo of any business card of targeted Chinese company, attach it in the email sending to us.

How many days will I get reply?
You will get a reply or report back to you by next working days except Chinese public holidays.

What kind of data is contained in the company report?
Depending on type of companies, it will include: official name, company number, address, date of registration, expire date, shareholder's name, capital, business scope, legal representative and any change/update.

Can I pay online?
Yes, you can pay by Visa, Mastercard and PayPal.