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About Us


China Foreign Company Search Engine was formed in 1993 offering a tailor-made international company searching service to fit in with Chinese business demands. Having built up a reputation of competitiveness, quality and excellence, ourgroup has since become one of the biggest and the most efficient company information service agents, operating with over 24 years track record in China.

As there is no English company searching service in China and English name is not legaly required in China when registering a company in China, the Chinese company names you have in English are quite often different in local company registration database. Sometime even translated in non-exiting spelling in Chinese when revert back from English to Chinese. It is very challenging for people in overseas to start a comfortable business relationship with Chinese counterparts.That's exactly why we are here to serve you and reduce your risk by having a complete Chinese company background check up. All documents provided can also be certified and legalised to meet your local jurisdiction requirements if you need it for legal matters. The information you can order including: Chinese company registration date, address, registered capital, pay-up capital, shareholders, directors, operation license, industrial segmentation, linked companies, trademark ownership and nationwide affiliates or subsideries. Of course translation into English from data in Chinese is included when we deliver to you. With numerous awards under our belt, clients range from small businesses to governments while specializing in servicing international SMEs(Small to Medium Enterprises).

Our platform is moving to be a leader in the delivery of cross-border business information provider in China.

We are open all day, every day all year round. Thanks to internet technology we can communicate with you at anytime by Wechat, WhatsApp and Skype if you want. For any query, simply send your email.